Key Elements In SEO For Adults

May 31, 2013

At that time Ultimate Demon was discovered to be about the only SEO tool to provide users the abolute micro control required to combat Penguin. To offer busy SEO's the opportunity to promte their websites in ethical and safe ways. To creae links that actually worked and provided value to the internet.

Concentrating mainly on high quality content and eschwing spam techniques, Ultimate Demon soon became the "darling" of ethical SEO. Many webmasters either survived Penguin or indeed recovered from it by using this high quality application as an important part of their marketing strategy.

Here is a quote from internet marketing guru Paul Rone-Clarke, who has rapidly become the main force behind Ultimate Demon's continued evolution in 2013

Variation of platform, variation in link type, variation and point text, variation and relevancy of surrounding content, and, the part that makes most indolent Search Engine Optimization's psychiatrist, variation in the chronology of your own link building.

In other words, the necessity to create links consistently over a period of time. "Variation in link chronology" As recently as 2010 it was possible to reach a site with an extremely big blast of hyperlinks from a very small subset of the available programs. These links could, consequently, use very specific and targeted anchor text to rate sites also for very commercial provisions -- comparatively rapidly.

Penguin 1.0 or taught us that variance in all of the aspects was certainly critical.

Plenty of emphasis was created with anchor text version, and taken as a whole the entire upgrade was insisting that Web masters moved a bit more towards a more realistic backlink profile. Building links consistently over a period of time. This is a lesson we learned early in 2012, and, five days after Penguin 2.0 to initial rollout there's no reason to think that that has changed whatsoever.

So we can see the depth of knowledge Paul Rone-Clarke has for Ultimate Demon and his ability to leverage this to create world class linking structures using SEO tools.

The future of SEO is uncertain. But Penguin proved that Google are as interested in the providence of links as ever. Link building is a vital part of SEO, and the synergy between links and content is now abolsutely vital. Keep on top of the situation and thrive.